Dorothée Cambier, younger child of Yves Cambier, saw the world on August 21, 1967 in Renaix (B) in a large family artist.
Her father, from the world of spinning and textile, will transmit her the rich colors of it.

From the first days in company of her mother, our protagonist is rocked by the contact of nature and water that will soon become key elements for her personal well-being and her ability to express herself on canvas.

After studies of interior architecture, a creation work and the birth of two sons, this mother starts to animate artistic workshops in belgium. This allows her to gradually resume the thread of her passions: painting and sculpture while remaining connected to her sources of inspiration.

The constant search for innovation and an unprecedented imagination mixed with sports activities will lead to a relatively particular idea: underwater painting. In case of absence of bad weather, its activities will happen … under water. The expression of her emotions will be transcribed on the canvas and and not the marine world she’s surrounded by.

For Dorothée, Art is a feeling, a language, an emotion, an expression and often a message. Since she took up her passion, exhibitions have multiplied from Belgium to Holland through France.